ICTW/Midwest Ink History
ICTW/Midwest Ink has been in business for over 20 years. We manufacture a complete
line of offset lithographic printings inks, Sheetfed, Heatset and Coldset.
We are also a recent recipient of the GATF InterTech award for our line of Hydro H2O printing inks.
The ink that allows you to print with tap water and little or no fountain solution. We are the recognized
leader in this revolutionary product.

See our websites for more information ICTW Ink. Midwest Ink . We are one of only a handful of ink companies to have won an
InterTech award for offset lithographic ink technology. We can offer you the premier customer servicer, technical support being
that we are a smaller, more reactive company. We are not a graphic arts supply house, we are an ink company and knowing
how to get ink on plastic or paper the most effective way is what we excel at.

Can you afford to not investigate our cutting edge enhanced support and technical capabilty, coupled with the recognized
World leader in UV ink technology, our partner T&K TOKA Co., Ltd.


Was formed over 60 years ago. They are the dominant UV Ink manufacturer in Asia with nearly 66% of the market for UV
belonging to them.

So not only can you partner with one of only a handful of InterTech award winners (out of 165 recipients of the GATF InterTech
award only a handful have been award to ink manufacturers for new ink technology) in the ink industry, but now you have
access the World leader in UV Ink technology as well.
T&K TOKA Market Share PDF